International medical spa consultant, Manon Pilon says, done well, you stand to make a mint.

Since 1996, we have seen an amazing increase in the number of medical spas. Everyone is opening a spa, from dentists to GPs, from internal physicians to OB/GYNs, from plastic surgeons to dermatologists and so on. It’s not surprising considering what an astoundingly lucrative cash business they can become, but how can you do it better than your competitors?

Differentiation should be the main focus, but unfortunately many medical spa owners have no idea what they are doing when it comes to MediSpas.


Ask some people whether they would be interested in receiving spa or medical aesthetic services, such as injectables, lasers, skin rejuvenation, laser hair removal etc. from your office. List all the services you wish to offer. Mention that you are doing a survey and you would like to know whether they would come to you for these kinds of services.

Due to this amazing growth, you need lo create a facility that will be different from the spa and medi spa down the street; therefore you must first make the right choices in terms of your services.

Any services you offer should remain result-oriented and not necessarily « frou-frou » services unless you have the space and the money. The concept is the most important step since it will make or break you.

This is what I would propose:

Every patient who visits you will undergo a personalized consultation during which you can fully educate the patient about what would be right for them specifically.


Evaluation tools should be used to identify patient needs. Physical check-up, manual skin evaluation, digital photography body typing, stress test, nutritional questionnaire, measurement, weight, ultrasound, right through to bone density if you can. These elements should all be part of this consultation. Throughout the consultation the patient will receive a treatment plan on all potential services (invasive and non-invasive) she or he can benefit from. A personalized evaluation to enhance a person’s physique, skin and overall wellness should be covered. A treatment plan should be given, including the financial opportunities.

Create a unique concept… something no one else has. Here are some examples:

When patients come in, they receive a free ten-minute chair massage before the consultation, or can watch a ten-minute video about who you are and why you care. Any products for sale should also be visible in the reception area if your medical board allows you to retail products.

Begin with the minimum services for an optimal profitability. Start with one or two rooms within your medical practice and create a spa environment. This means that the environment/color of your walls has to have a certain tone, such as earth tones. Linen is needed to make the patient comfortable. An elegant spa table in a relaxing setting with candles and spa music in the background should also be considered. Herb tea can be part of your image and concept, creating an overall spa experience.

Front desk staff must have a pleasant smile and a happy, positive energy  and not appear unhappy and stressed about the a1nount of work they have to do…


Some ideal and profitable services for a medical spa include:

  • Consultations
  • Skin rejuvenation treatment performed using Intense Pulse Light (IPL) and Infrared or radio frequency which can also be used for laser hair removal

  • Microdennabrasion for gentle exfoliation combined with LED light (red, blue, green) and Micro-Current (facial muscles) for your maintenance facial

  • Injectable botulinum toxin type A

  • Injectable fillers

  • Injectable sclerotherapy

If you have a second room, you can consider body contour devices, using focus ultrasound for body shaping or radio frequency.

A maximum of two retail lines should be offered to your clients to serve all needs and bring you repeat business. Make sure you have a retail line that will support its claims. Your potential gross income is hundreds of thousands of dollars per treatment room.


Remember that sales reps will be at your door trying to sell you every laser available and every product in the book. You are a perfect target for them since the majority of you do not have time to do your research yet technology develops so quickly. You may be excited to get into this fun field and are therefore vulnerable to all opportunists…


  • Someone who has been in this field for more than ten years is ideal

  • Someone who has been referred by a trusted individual and who will not take financial advantage of you

  • A good consultant is someone who will help you make the right choices and not make mistakes

  • Someone who knows about the latest technology and trends.

  • A person with obvious experience, who has made a living in this area and who will take you to the next step and help you reach your financial targets

There are a lot of charlatans who claim that they have experience, so beware!!!

Also be careful about retainers and fixed monthly fees. It is important to know what you are getting in return, since most of them are receiving kickbacks or commissions for referrals on products and equipment, so make sure you get a few estimates before purchasing any equipment.

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