The Benefits of Having a Professional Consultation in a Spa/Med Spa Practice

THE FIRST STEP to a successful spa/med spa treatment is to perform a complete consultation. A consultation will help in developing a full interpersonal connection with the client, establish a long-term relationship and obtain better results when prescribing the treatment plan.

As part of the consultation, it is always recommended to play a short introductory video that will introduce your brand’s philosophies, values, services, staff competence, credibility and products. For your first time clients, this will be a great introduction to your facility. Take it one step further and plan some time for a complete spa tour (scripted) as well. This will surely get the clients talking about your facility and generate more interest and confidence.

In the first step of the consultation protocol, it is important to ask the client to fill a comprehensive health and consent form. Ask about any health conditions they may have or had, if they are experiencing any pain, if they smoke or if they are on a diet. Do they have any sleep disorders or any alcohol habits? Are they following a specific exercise regimen? Do they have any allergies? Are they taking any medication or supplements? If female, are they pregnant or planning to have a child? Ask them questions pertaining to home care, skin care habits and if they have any skin concerns.

After this initial step, carry out a physical evaluation. Take measurements, do a body type evaluation and take photographs. Based on the information obtained, you can then assess the right treatment plan for the client (one week plan for resorts and facilities, three months for spas/med spas) and propose a simple home care regimen.

As described previously, the goal of a professional consultation is to establish client trust and provide the right treatment plan in order to fulfill the client’s request while still respecting their needs. We are in a market that focuses on outcomes and overall experience.

The first impression is one of the keys to your success and will most definitely impact the entire experience. Those seeking our services need to feel that they are in good hands and need to be reassured by our knowledge in order to feel they have made the right choice. For these same reasons, it is important to select a well-spoken and educated person to perform the duties of a consultant in order to achieve the client’s goals and meet the spa’s objectives.

Step-By-Step Process to a Successful Consultation

Room Set-up: Table with two comfortable chairs, evaluation and photography devices, measuring tape, scale, a computer with a large screen, body and skin charts in order to give an in-depth technical review of the treatment plan and objectives.

Step 1:

For a full face and body evaluation, provide the client with a bathrobe and request that they keep their undergarments on.

Step 2:

Highlight all important points on the consent forms and questionnaires that were filled out. Save this information as it will be useful for future visits.

Step 3:

Visual and manual evaluation: Examine the skin carefully with a 5′ diopter magnifying lamp. Feel the skin and see if it detaches itself from the dermis tissue; compress the skin gently to see the lack of elasticity, circulation conditions, cellulite, fat etc. Take measurements, weigh the client and circle any information on the chart that is a priority.

Step 4:

Overview the client’s home care regimen; what brands and steps they are using for the face and body, what SPF they are using (does it have UVA filters etc.).

Step 5:

Use a Wood’s lamp or any digital evaluation device with imaging features.  These devices are great tools for documenting and helping with the analysis of he skin. The client will get an accurate, detailed analysis and a true indication of where they need help with their skin.

Step 6:

Make a treatment plan for services and products for the next three months (for resorts, make a plan for their entire stay. For example, a one-week treatment plan).

Step 7:

Presentation of the treatment plan and closing the sale: Closing the sale is essential but unfortunately, it is where most spas and med spas fail today. You can educate your client all day but if you do not have a system and closing sales script, not only will you not reach your goals and objectives, but often, the client will also miss out on the advantage of having a professional proposed treatment plan.


In conclusion, providing consultation is one of the principal keys to the success of your business. Consulting is a complete educational guide to building, managing, and marketing your spa or med spa practice. Educating your clients and showing them all the possibilities will keep your clients loyal and coming back for more.

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