Above and beyond esthetic care

Today, thousands of individuals will look at themselves in the mirror a little longer than usual. They will scrutinize their faces relentlessly, observing the newest wrinkles. With both hands on either sides of their faces, they will stretch their skin to get an idea of what a facelift would look like. They will ponder aging; they will note that time is passing by and youth is slipping away permanently.

These individuals come through our salon’s doors every day looking for youth and also, subconsciously, looking for a way to get rid of their anxiety related to aging. We try to help them, every day, with lasers, creams and dedication. But how can we help them above and beyond esthetic care? While we help them erase the traces of time, how can we also help them feel better about themselves and allow their natural beauty to come alive?

A global anti-aging approach

As professionals, we have all witnessed this scene: a gorgeous woman enters the clinic. The staff can’t get over her beauty, but it doesn’t take long for them to realize how unhappy she is. She makes a huge fuss about a tiny pigment spot, an invisible wrinkle or numerous other insignificant details. Beautiful women like this quickly lose their attractiveness because of their unhealthy behaviour. Plastic Beauty is not beautiful without self-confidence and a healthy lifestyle.

We quickly feel limited by our basic esthetic services when this type of client enters our spa. We can correct a skin problem but we can never make our client feel better about herself. One way of offering more than skin care is to embrace a global anti-aging approach.

Anti-aging doesn’t ignore the passage of time. Quite the opposite!

This type of approach considers the individual as a whole, including everything that is unique about him or her. Here are the basics of an anti-aging approach:


A few weeks ago, a friend of mine asked me how early should a young girl start getting into skin care in order to prevent premature aging. I answered, “The mom should get her daughter into skin care before the little girl can even spell anti-aging!”

What I was trying to say is that prevention means that a skincare regimen should be put in place before the first signs of aging. And skin care is not the only element to consider.

The secret: body types

We’re all different from one another. You see it first hand when you provide services to your clients. Some have thin skin while other have thick. Skin can have a reddish, greenish, yellowish or whitish tone, independent of ethnic background. One person’s skin might never wrinkle while another person’s skin may shows signs of aging when she is in her early twenties.

Skin characteristics are linked to body types. Some people are ultra skinny without ever dieting and others gain weight just gazing at desserts. Some have strong bones, others not; some have well defined muscles and others barely have any.

Morphology means the study of forms. It’s the art of getting to know ourselves and others based on body types. (It was the philosopher Socrates who once said, “Know thyself!”) Are you a sanguine, bilious, nervous or lymphatic type? Are you a red oval, a green square, a yellow rectangle or a white circle?

When you study morphology, you come to better understand how each body type relates to the skin, with specific characteristics. You know that red ovals are prone to acne rosacea, that green squares will have difficulty healing after surgery, that white circles will most likely suffer from blood circulation deficiency and that yellow rectangles will show early signs of aging.

Imagine being able to identify your clients’ problems BEFORE they even arise! The study of body types is the secret behind prevention.

Now, let’s go back to our gorgeous client, the one your employees all stare at in awe when she enters your clinic. You know before she says a word that she is a yellow rectangle. All you needed was a few seconds to figure out her skin’s predominant color, her bone and muscle structure as well as her facial shape.

Not only do you know her skin’s potential problems but also her general predispositions. You know that yellow rectangles have a tendency to worry – they often overload their nervous system. You also know that she will never have problems with her weight, that she has to eat often to maintain her energy level, that she needs to overdress because she’s always cold, and more.

Imagine the types of services you could offer to this person! Not only will you be able to offer customized skincare treatments, but you will also be able to recommend preventative measures related to nutrition, exercise and interpersonal relations.

That’s the difference between basic skin care and a global anti-aging approach. Your beautiful client may come for specific skincare services, but she will return home with a lot more. She will feel understood and personally taken care of based on her unique traits. Not only will she have great skin but, as a bonus, she will feel good about herself. She will become your client for life!

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