What Is My Body Type?

You are unique! Did you know that?

Anti-Aging: The Cure Based On Your Body Type


Manon Pilon shares with you, for the first time, the secrets that have been the reason for her international success in the field of anti-aging. Over the last twenty years, Manon has helped thousands of people rediscover and preserve their innate beauty …

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This new method is making a mark in the medical and spa industry.

Anti-aging. The Cure Based on Your Body Type will guide you step by step in the art of discovering your predominant traits through observation exercises. In doing them, you will find out what are your shape, skin and genetic predispositions. This will help you make better informed choices as to the nutrition, care and exercise that is best suited to you. Moreover, this in-depth knowledge of yourself will open the way to richer and healthier interpersonal relationships. Empowered by your personalized cure, the ravages of time will have little hold on you.

Drawing on the teachings of Hippocrates, Manon Pilon reinvents the use of body typology as a method to help you understand what suits you best. What distinguishes this method from all the others is the emphasis it places on the uniqueness of each person. You are unique! Did you know that?


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